What is Reiki? 

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle energy that is deeply relaxing, calming and rejuvenating.  


Reiki therapy is simple:  energy flows through hands placed lightly on or above a person’s clothes.


You can go to a practitioner or treat yourself – it is easy to learn and use regardless of age or health.


Early research at institutions such as the National Institute of Health, University of Michigan, Yale and Cleveland Clinic suggest some ways Reiki and energy healing could support healing, including:


• alleviate pain                       • relieve stress, depression, anxiety

• lower blood pressure           • improve sleep

• regulate heart rate               • support musculoskeletal healing


Prominent hospitals such as John Hopkins and Mayo as well as the military use Reiki; Dr. Oz used it during heart transplants at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.


Reiki is emerging as a valuable and economic tool in managing stress, supporting medical care and self-care.  A few examples:


•  first-aid for cuts, strained muscles, headaches, toothaches…


•  manage invasive side-effects and treatment of diseases such  

as cancer and AIDS


•  accelerate healing from injury and surgery


•  support physical therapy


•  calm and soothe agitated Alzheimers patients

•  meditation

Reiki is quickly becoming a staple at spas – it is pampering and just plain feels good.