Is Reiki Safe?

Let’s look at what we know:


Reiki therapy:


1)  Nothing is ingested – no prescription drugs, over-the-counter     

     medications, supplements, vitamins, minerals, extracts… nothing


2)  Typically delivered with light touch but is equally effective with no 

     physical contact


3)  No manipulation – physical or emotional


4)  Non-invasive – no instruments, no tools, no needles, remain fully



5)  Does not interfere and can be used concurrently with conventional

      medical care


Scientific research:  No cases of harm reported in research studies or 100 years of industry experience.


Medical community:  The medical community is divided on the value of Reiki, but not its safety:


1)  Medical practitioners, including physicians who believe Reiki is a

      sham have not raised concern over its safety.


2)  Prominent hospitals across the U.S. offer Reiki, from Johns Hopkins to 

     Harvard as well as the military.


Can we guarantee that Reiki cannot harm?  Of course not.   Can we say that Reiki is safe?  Based on what we know, yes.