Pampered Healing

Whether you need healing or want pure pampering, we want your experience with us to feel good.  So we always pamper. 


Pampered Healing


The physical, mental or emotional condition that needs healing is often painful.  Medical treatments to ease that pain are often uncomfortable and painful. 


The anticipation of painful treatment, the ongoing pain and just the fact that you need healing can be anxiety-provoking.


It's a catch-22:  Healing makes you feel better, but the process itself is often difficult and distressing.


Reiki is not painful.  It relaxes and calms.  Reiki feels good.  It can help  relieve anxiety you feel before your medical treatment, and ease the pain afterwards. 


iIn addition to helping you heal, we want to help you feel good in the midst of the healing process.  So our treatments always pamper.


Pampering – Just Because….


Everyone needs pampering; it is vital to your health and it feels good. Never forget to make time for yourself….  you deserve it.