Why Learn Reiki

For yourself – You can discreetly give yourself Reiki anytime, anywhere for all of the same reasons you would see a professional practioner


•  Relax after a long, stressful day


•  Hasten healing and relieve the discomfort of small annoyances

    such as cuts, pulled muscles, nausea, headaches, toothache…..


•  A quick “pick-me-up"


•  Support your wellness


•  Accelerate your healing after surgery


•  Ease the symptoms and pain of invasive illnesses and treatment


•  Help calm yourself before and after a painful or invasive treatment


•  Ease the pain and upset of your children's scraped knees, tummy

    aches, bruises, monkey bar tumbles; calm at bedtime…..


•  Directly participate in your own recovery


•  Meditation, particularly if it is difficult to “clear your mind”


•  It’s great for pets and plants



For others – Give Reiki to your family and friends


For children   Children can learn Reiki too.  Help the hurt from knee scrapes, tumbles, tummy aches, paper cuts….  especially when Mom isn’t around.


For families with a sick family member


•  Help relax and ease the pain of those painful treatments and

    particularly difficult moments


•  Provide physical as well as the emotional comfort that comes

    from close personal contact


•  Support their overall healing


•  Proactively participate in your loved one’s daunting and sometimes

    overwhelming daily journey of serious illness


It's easy


•  Simple to learn and simple to do


•  Anyone can learn and give Reiki – small children to 118 years old



•  You have it for life.  Haven’t used it for 50 years?  Place your hands 

    where you want Reiki and let it flow.  It’s that simple.


It's economical


Nothing replaces being pampered, but for the cost of a few sessions, you can learn to give yourself Reiki anytime, anywhere, for free.