How Can Reiki Help?

Research and anecdotal evidence suggest Reiki can


•  help accelerate healing particularly from surgery

•  aid recovery

•  manage chronic pain

•  strengthen the immune system

•  relieve stress anxiety and depression

•  regulate heart rate

•  lower blood pressure

•  improve sleep

Reiki is most widely used to relieve stress and anxiety and to manage chronic pain, particularly for invasive illness and treatment. 


It is also commonly used to/for:

  • +   Manage stress and anxiety; meditation

    Reiki is relaxing, calming, soothing and rejuvenating – it puts some people to sleep.  One session can ease your stress for several days; used regularly, Reiki can be instrumental in managing your stress.


    Some people consider Reiki a form of meditation.  It is particularly helpful to get in and maintain a relaxed meditative state


    Reiki, it is great for "in-the-moment" anxiety, before your major speech, at the dentist, traffic court, job interview....


    Sleep is crucial to your health; Reiki can help manage insomnia and improve the overall quality of your sleep.

  • +   First Aid

    Reiki is useful first-aid for daily ailments such as cuts, headaches, flu symptoms, toothaches and strained muscles. 


    It can help calm someone during and emergency, and it's great for the everyday hurts and upsets of children!

  • +   Pain management

    One of Reiki's most important uses is to help manage pain.  


    Reiki is used to manage the pain of daily hurts as well as the chronic life altering pain of invasive diseases such cancer, AIDS and back injuries.


    Pain management is essential not only for quality of life but for invasive treatment regiments.  intense pain can inhibit a person's ability to fully participate in their recovery.


    For someone with  chronic pain, learning to give oneself Reiki can be life-altering.

  • +   Support medical care

    the areas above that emerging research suggests Reiki can support are not only critical standalone health conditions, they are underlying contributors to invasive and life-threatening illnesses. 


    As discussed above, Reiki's ability to manage pain makes it easier to endure and fully participate in difficult treatment.

  • +   Pampering

    Reiki is so calming and relaxing that many people fall asleep - it’s like a non-touch massage.


    Not only is it important to health.... everyone deserves to be pampered.

  • +   Specific Conditions

    While generalities are helpful, here are some specific conditions for which people often use seek use Reiki:


    •  Relieve anxiety and stress

    •  Reduce chronic pain

    •  Lower blood pressure

    •  Expedite recovery from surgery

    •  Support recovery from substance abuse

    •  Improve sleep

    •  Alleviate depression

    •  Ease physical and emotional trauma

    •  Ease musculoskeletal injury and pain

    •  Enhance their overall well-being


    People also seek Reiki to alleviate and cope with painful, distressing symptoms and  invasive treatment of conditions such as:


    •  Cancer and chemotherapy

    •  Diabetes

    •  Heart disease; Congestive heart failure

    •  Emotional and physical trauma

    •  Multiple sclerosis

    •  Lupus

    •  Hypothyroid and other thyroid conditions

    •  Emphysema

    •  Rheumatoid arthritis

    •  Depression and anxiety

    •  Neurodegenerative disorders

    •  HIV/AIDS

    •  Crohn’s Disease

    •  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    •  Traumatic brain injury

    •  End-of-life care


                                                                 and, it just plain feels good.......