Great things about Reiki

We'd like to start by sharing some of our favorite things about Reiki:



feels good – relaxing, soothing, rejuvenating


stress buster – particularly good for anxiety and stress


fast – quickly relieve "on-the-spot" stress, cuts, headaches, daily nuisances


eases pain – no drugs


meditative – is ‘clearing your mind’ not so easy? Let Reiki do the work


healthy and healing – John Hopkins, Mayo and the Military use it


luxurious – everyone deserves to be pampered


doesn't harm or hurt – eases pain, doesn't create pain


non-invasive – no medication, no manipulation; light or no touch


discreet – use it anytime, anywhere without anyone knowing.  Take care of that pulled muscle while at a business meeting or the movies.  


non-intrusive –  no impact on the use of your hands; it's just a bit heat


doesn't interfere – physicians, nurses, parents, you - Reiki can flow during medical exams, procedures, bedtime stories, band-aids, dentist visits...


give it to yourself – nothing replaces the luxury of relaxing and letting someone else do the work, but you can do it on your own


you can’t mess it up – impossible to do it wrong


easy – flows through your hands placed lightly on or above your body.  No tools, special breathing, exercises or mantras.


anyone can learn and use it  –  children to 120+ years old


forever – even if you don’t use it for 50 years, you still have it; no refresher course required