Reiki Session

Reiki can be given anytime, anywhere, under any conditions, by anyone who has been “attuned” - you can give yourself Reiki in a movie theater without anyone knowing. 


Here, we’ll talk about what to expect when seeing a Reiki practitioner.


Reiki is not regulated, there are no legal requirements.  At the Chicago Reiki Center, we tailor each  session to your specific needs,  however there is a typical framework. 

  • +   Space and setting

    A professional space should be private, clean, peaceful and comfortable, free of audial, visual and human distractions. 


    You can choose soft music or meditative silence.  If you have favorite music, bring it. 

  • +   Pre-treatments

    Some practitioners follow a typical health intake protocol, including a detailed interview on your 1st visit with brief check-ins for follow-up sessions.   Others are more informal and go directly to the treatment.  You may be asked to sign a consent form.


    At CRC, we customize our pre-treatment process to fit your needs.  However, we always want to know how you’re doing and what you want help with.

  • +   The session

    Fully clothed, you’ll lie down on a massage table with a head pillow, eye pillow, blanket and/or under-the-knee support, whatever is most comfortable.  If you prefer, you can sit in a chair.


    The practitioner places his/her hands on or just above you in a series of hand placements, moving from your head to your feet.  The practitioner may then focus on certain areas or your back.


    The touch should always be gentle, light and non-intrusive.


    At CRC, we also use additional techniques, when appropriate.

  • +   Post-treatment

    Post-treatment protocol varies by practitioner, but you should always be asked how you’re doing and if you have any questions or concerns.

  • +   Remote (Long-distance) Reiki

    Remote sessions have the same framework.  The only difference is that you relax at home or wherever you want, however you want – lay down, sit, close your eyes, read a book, meditate, sleep, watch tv, go to a movie… 

  • +   Things to remember

    •  A Reiki practitioner should never give you a diagnosis.  Reiki training never

        includes diagnostic training


    •  Tell your practitioner of significant health and skin conditions, areas that are

        sensitive to touch or external stimuli and other special needs


    •  If you prefer not to be touched, tell the practitioner.  Reiki can be given

        from a distance, even across the room


    •  Post-treatment protocol varies by practitioner, but you should always be

        asked how you’re doing and if you have any concerns


    •  Don’t worry about relaxing, let the Reiki do the relaxing for you.


    •  If you are uncomfortable or would like an appropriate accoutrement, ask


    •  If you have a favorite CD, bring it


    •  Reiki is cumulative;  give it a chance


    •  The benefits of your Reiki session may increase throughout the day


    •  The effects of an isolated Reiki session generally last several days

Your Reiki session is for you, about you and only you.  Whether you are there for a health condition or pure luxury, you should be pampered.  This is your time and you deserve it